May 2021 Newsletter

May marks Mothers’ Day and during the pandemic women who are mothers, or stood in for mothers, deserved our recognition every day. We repeatedly hear how the pandemic has forced many women to leave the workforce to care for children and aging parents. We need better services and supports for women to have the same options as men.


Welcome to my May 2021 Living Conditions and Health newsletter. You can find past newsletters with additional background materials, and different stories and initiatives on my website and in my LinkedIn articles or posts. Join me in identifying and coordinating initiatives that advance health, health equity and community and healthcare redesign.

Shannah’s Insights and Reflections

May brought many major changes in the health status of our country that feel like a new and perhaps sustainable direction. It also marked the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder that has yielded some steps in the right direction, but we also witnessed many more people of color being murdered by police.

The New York Times has a timeline of good and bad events and changes that have occurred across the country since George Floyd’s death. The overall trends give me some hope. The same day in the New York times there was a discussion of how the economy during the pandemic yielded increased tax revenues for many states and perhaps the funding in the latest economic assistance packaged should be repurposed for some of the infrastructure investments. I would love to see incentives that redirect the investments to underserved communities hardest hit by the pandemic. States will not necessarily invest in these communities without encouragement.

Viola Fletcher the oldest survivor of the Tulsa Massacre, age 107, testified before Congress  and seeks justice! To ignore the past is to risk repeating past atrocities. There are too many indicators, including the many ways our most vulnerable populations have been hardest hit during the pandemic, that should convince all companies, organizations, communities and individuals that the time for systematic and structural change is now.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, in his commencement address at Emory College of the arts and sciences emphasized our societal failings that have caused the COVID19 disparities and the disparities that have existed for decades. He emphasized that racism and the many social determinants of health (SDOH) that have caused these deadly disparities will continue long after the pandemic. He noted that “Righting this wrong will take a decades-long commitment,” he said. “I strongly urge you to be part of that commitment.” I am extending his recommendation to all of us that recognize the need for change.

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